Rewind II

by Great Blue

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    Rewind II
    All Music Written by Great Blue.
    Recording, Mixing and Mastering by Great Blue Records.
    ©2014 Great Blue. All RIghts Reserved. Made in the U.S.A.

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released February 12, 2014

Seth Zucker: Bass, Backing Vox
Nick Hanna: Beats, Vox
Peter Anspach: Guitar, Vox
Kevin Houska: Keyboards



all rights reserved


Great Blue Wilton, Connecticut

Rising from the depths of the ocean, Great Blue rides to you on a wave of psychedelia and turbulent rock. Built on a mutual high-school dream, Great Blue has grown to establish themselves nationwide. From their unabashed enthusiasm to their risky improvisational maneuvers, these friends create a tangible energy on stage and in the studio. For a musical adventure, dive into Great Blue! ... more


  • Sep 01
    Bridgeport, CT

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Track Name: The Wave
be a sponge to the world
catch it like a boulder
when you feel it coming faster
drop it in the water

The Wave

read it aloud
my kind is nearly just ran out
sometimes its how
I'm not about to throw it down

The Wave

I'm floating in the ocean
perpetually in motion
I'm not allowed
I'm not about to throw it down

The Wave
Track Name: Smoke
Track Name: Yeti
making a list checkin it twice
gonna find out whose naughty or nice
coming soon to a theater near you
the end of the end the end of great blue

He's coming for you

for just 19.95 you can have this a more
free stuff on the internet ipods galore
man on the street dirt on his knees
give me your quarters canadian border

He's coming for you
Track Name: Lion in the Grass
footprints on the pavement
paws you seem to know
smells of rearrangement
lion in the snow

territory markings
getting close to show
who is coming over
and who is friend or foe

we're lion in the grass now
Track Name: Crossfaded Mammoths
the mammoth has always been a good old friend
he'll take you to dinner tuck you into bed
be careful for when he has a drink and a smoke
the weight of a mammoth is not a joke

eventually it happened I should have been dead
the mammoth's feet crashing down upon my head
and in the hospital the white walls gleam
as the crossfaded mammoth enters my dream

I'm Alive
Track Name: Apostrophe'
When I was in the first grade I really liked to talk
I said it is for everything and I am where I walk
theres nothing that i rather do than strike a quick quose
but fair thee well cuz I can not use apostrophe

everybody questioned and yet I still would not
they never seem to understand my absence of a dot
I know the rules but I cant stand it there before the T
so every time I write I cant it lacks apostrophe